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From the creator of Skin Juice, we introduce to you, Raw Earth Co.

Our new company houses all of our brands, including Skin Juice, creating your one-stop-shop for clean, Australian made and cruelty free experiences.


Australian Squeezed Superfood Skin Care.

Skin Juice’s story began 22 years ago when 
the founder created a nutrient rich, professional grade skin care range that was designed to feed the skin like a healthy diet feeds the body.


Redness Relief: Living with Rosacea

I’ve had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember, and in recent years I’ve also struggled with rosacea. I know that rosy cheeks and a rose nose can be anything but jolly and merry. It’s often be painful, uncomfortable and let’s face it, something that you become very self-conscious about.

Cleanse once a day – Save time, save your face.

Supporting our Microbiome – your skin’s protective ecosystem.

A berry special wrap.

This year for Christmas, we wanted to give our customers a gift that was more than ‘instant gratification’ but rather something that has a purpose and meaning beyond the festive season. A gift that will keep giving.

5 reasons to keep your skin hydrated this summer.

As we head into another hot Australian summer our thirst for hydration will increase not only within our body but also the skin...

5 reasons your skin isn’t glowing.

There is nothing that says healthy more than glowing plump and smooth skin. Many of us have been lured into buying a product that promised that instant glow, only to find that the glow isn’t instant or long lasting. So why is that?

5 signs you need to change your cleanser.

Cleansing is the most important step in any skin care regime. Get it wrong and your skin will be playing catch up from that point on. I have outlined 5 signs that show your cleanser may not be working for you.