As we head into another hot Australian summer our thirst for hydration will increase not only within our body but also the skin. We lose a large amount of water each day, this can be simply from sitting in your air-conditioning or being out in the sun and we need to replenish it.

In this blog we will discuss why you should be keeping your skin hydrated this summer.


Get Plump and Bouncy Skin.

Water is essential for all our organs, and the skin being the largest one is no exception with water making up 64% of it. Water is transferred from one cell to another through small channels called Aquaporins which is essentially the skin’s own internal plumping system for cells. So top up your hydration to maintain sufficient water levels within the skin.


Experience Smoother, Clearer Skin.

Perfectly hydrated skin never needs to be exfoliated. How? Well, water within the skin is responsible for activating an enzyme that dissolves little rod like structures, called Desmosomes. These structures hold dead skin cells together, and if not broken can lead to rough flaky skin and blocked pores.

Who knew that water would be the best exfoliator on the market!


 Feel and Look Fresh and Glowing.

When hydrated, the skin will take on a more radiant looking glow, as water aids the removal of toxins and waste from our bodies. Without enough water, these toxins lay dormant within the lymphatic system and will flush into the skin resulting in dullness, irritation and redness.


Reduce Oil and Acne.

The skin is super smart and will do everything within it’s power to self regulate. So when dehydrated, it will produce more oil in an attempt to protect itself from water evaporation. This results in an overactive oil supply. So more water in the skin means a balance in the natural oil production.


Water Can Help Keep You Younger Looking.

Collagen and elastin are responsible for allowing the skin to bounce back into shape. Collagen contains water, so hydration is essential to support this function. If you are dehydrated your skin will lose elasticity and it's youthfulness. Maintaining water in the body will ensure your collagen is working as it should.


Increasing your water intake this summer will certainly help moisturise your skin from the inside out, however externally looking after your skin will also prevent water evaporation and increase the skin’s ability to hold onto water even longer.

So let's keep hydrated inside and out for bouncy, glowing, clear and youthful skin this summer.


Our top pick summer skin hydrators are:

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