Water helps your body to flush away toxins and impurities – and it’s the same with the skin, it is vital to support the skin’s healthy functions. Water is required by the skin to produce an essential enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the little attachments that holds dull skin cells together (also know as desmosomes). Therefore water is the skin’s natural exfoliator and will naturally unveil healthy skin.


Lack of oils

Your skin is made up of oils which are essential to protect the skin from water loss, dryness and irritation. Natural plant oils are similar and biocompatible to your skin’s own oils and, when topically applied, will restore a healthy barrier which keeps the skin moisturised and free from redness, irritation and bad bacteria.



Activity and diet will ultimately have a huge impact on your skin. Our lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating toxins from the body, and, unlike our circulatory system which is powered by the heart, can become sluggish. Exercise and a healthy diet accelerate the elimination of glow busting toxins.


Low on fat

Essential fatty acids are valuable to us both internally and topically as they will protect the cell wall to prevent inflammation, dryness and cell damage. Our body doesn’t naturally produce the essential fatty acid omega 3 and therefore it’s important to add essential fatty acids such as linseed oil to your diet and berry omega 3 rich oil in your skin care also.



Exposure to the wind, sun and pollution will obviously have a massive impact on the skin. Protect your skin through out the day with a healthy face cream packed with antioxidants to fortify you against cell damaging free radicals.


Your skin is a living organ and like the body needs to be fed healthy nutrients for it to glowing. Look at your skin holistically and work with it to maintain that internal long lasting glow. Our skin is smart and there are no real quick fixes that are long lasting. 

Work with your skin and look for skincare rich in oils, water holding ingredients and plant acids to gently lift away dullness to unveil your healthy glow from within.


Jo x

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