In this blog, we wanted to introduce you to our friends at Bee Wrappy, another Australian family owned company based in NSW. Bee Wrappy helped make our berry beautiful vegan wax wraps so we wanted to ask them if they had any useful tips on how to use them.


What makes your Bee Wrappy Vegan Wax Wraps so good?

“What we love most about these food wraps is the unique blend of ethically sourced ingredients which has been made to suit our vegan friends. They contain zero beeswax, but still work in the same way as traditional beeswax food wraps. They are lovely to use and keep your food fresher for longer.”


How do you use wax wraps? And how do they protect food?

“You can use your wax food wraps just as you would use traditional plastic wrap (except they should not be used on raw meat or raw fish). Wrap half an avocado, half a pumpkin, a peeled apple, fresh herbs or a bunch of kale. The wrap creates a protective, yet breathable seal around the fruit or vegetable mimicking the natural quality of its peel or skin. You can also cover a bowl of leftovers and make pouches for kid's snacks when out and about.”


What are your tips to get the most out of the wraps?

“After use simply wash in cool soapy water and let them air-dry. To increase the longevity of your food wraps avoid acidic food, heat sources like microwaves, dishwashers and direct sunlight. When they are not in use they can be rolled up and stored in a draw or countertop basket ready for reuse.”


What are some of the other ways you’ve heard of wax wraps being used?

“The uses in the kitchen are endless. Beyond their traditional uses with food some people use them for proofing dough, as a chopping board stabiliser and to open jar lids.”


What’s your ultimate Christmas Day?

“Being with our beautiful kids and watching them take in the wonder of the day. Enjoying a delicious meal with our extended family, some backyard cricket after lunch and maybe an afternoon swim or sleep for the lucky few!!”


What’s your favourite fruit?

“Mangoes! They are delicious fresh, in a smoothie or frappe.”


Other than the fabulous Bee Wrappy products, what’s your tip to help reduce waste at Christmas?

“Purchase gifts with thought and purpose - choose experiences for something unique and wrap gifts in fabric (or our wax wraps) which can be reused every year.


Like the sound of these wraps? You can choose either a wax wrap or 2 x produce bags as a FREE gift when you spend over $150.

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