Green Habit bottles are made from PCR plastic, which stands for Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. This plastic is created from Iced Tea bottles which have completed their life as a consumer item. They are then recycled and the plastic is used to create bottles like ours. These bottles are made from PET plastic and can be further recycled to continue this process. Recycling reduces the amount of plastic sent to landfills, and using PCR plastic helps support the recycling lifecycle. Unfortunately, many companies choose to not use PCR plastic because of the noticeable difference in colour. Clear PCR bottles can be darker or have a greener/ yellow tone. 

Using PCR plastic has a more positive impact on the environment than some other choices of plastic. For example, the carbon footprint of manufacturing 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles, like the Green Habit packaging, is 60% lower than manufacturing virgin PET. This includes the energy it takes to collect, recycle and remould the plastic. PCR plastic is also a more sustainable option than using plant-based PET (like some soft drink bottles) or bioplastics like PLA, which are normally not recyclable and can release toxic fumes when they are created. In addition, PCR plastic eliminates the use of virgin plastic altogether, regardless of whether it is manufactured from plants or petroleum. While in the modern world we need vessels to hold a large array of substances, by using PCR plastic we can eliminate the need for new plastic and just use the abundant amount we have already created.

However, we can only use PCR plastic if you as consumers choose to recycle. So please, make it a habit of further recycling our bottles, as well as other recyclable plastic bottles, in alignment with your local council recycling laws.

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