…well only at night.

You have probably grown up being educated to use a face cream morning and night, but before you reach for the cream at night I’d like to enlighten you with a different method for nourishing your skin in the PM. Skin Juice has been feeding skin with oil only night nutrition as part of the Skin Juice Daily Diet for 23 years and I’d like to share with you why.

Face creams are essentially an emulsion that is created from oil and water. As you may or may not know, oil is not soluble with water. If you drop oil into a glass of water, then it will simply sit on the surface. So to make a cream we need an emulsifier to bind the water and oil. There are different types of emulsifiers which include undesirable synthetic types such as PEGS. Luckily we now have access to healthy and natural emulsifiers.

The function of a face cream is to protect the skin from loosing hydration while supporting the skin’s natural barrier to protect it against pollution, irritation and environmental drying. So as you can see face creams and moisturisers are an important step in your skin care routine, however they should only be used of a day and never be used at night!


Why you shouldn’t use a face cream at night.

At night the skin repairs and rebalances itself by releasing natural secretions to reinforce its’ protective barrier while you sleep.  

Therefore, it’s important not to use anything on the skin that might block or inhibit this natural function. Face creams are designed to be retained on the skin’s surface for protection, which is fantastic throughout the day but at night they will inhibit the skin’s natural oil flow which will ultimately interfere with the skin’s ability the repair any damage done throughout the day. 


What you should be doing instead.

To moisturise at night you should use a face oil or oil balm to feed your skin. Your skin has oil pathways around your cells, so when you apply natural plant oils they can travel freely through these channels and feed the skin on a dermal level where you can achieve around 11% absorption. Each cell has a protective membrane lining and the essential fatty acid rich plant oils are able to help repair and strengthen these cells to ensure healthy skin is being produced at a deeper level.

These oils and balms will also repair lost oils on the surface of the skin to ensure you wake up to a soft dewy glow in the morning. The skin is also free from emulsifiers when using oils instead of a face cream, ensuring your pores remain clear so that the skin’s oil secretions continue to flow uninhibited at night. These secretions also contain good bacteria that form a healthy barrier against the bad bacteria that can lead to breakouts and irritation; fortifying your skin for the day ahead.

Skin Juice has three night nutrition products that have been formulated with the essential nutrients that will feed all skin types while you rest at night. LEARN MORE



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