Considering our skin is our largest organ, it’s unsurprising that it too is so easily affected by our diet. Our philosophy at Skin Juice has always been ‘to feed the skin like a healthy diet feeds the body’. 

Our delicious skin care blends are packed full of rich and powerful nutrients and ingredients, many of which you probably also enjoy as food.


Here are 5 of our favourites:



Raspberries are sweet and small but pack a punch when it comes to nutrients. There are many active vitamins and minerals working together to benefit your skin and body.

These fresh, tasty treats will improve brain activity, strengthen the immune system and enhance vision.

Raspberries are a powerful antioxidant with numerous benefits. The anthocyanins and ellagic acid within raspberries work to remove unwanted bacteria and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier to maintain skin plumping hydration levels. They are also an essential fatty acid which calms irritation and inflammation.

These juicy little berries are squeezed in to Berry Body Oil, Berry Buff, Berry Fresh, Green Juice, Juice Drops, Multi Juice, Mummy’s Tummy Cream, Mummy Tummy’s Wash, Perfect Paws, Quench Juice, Revival and Vanilla + Honey Mask.



How many times have you been told to eat your greens? Broccoli is a detoxifying superfood and is one of the most beneficial greens that can help your body and skin.

Adding broccoli to your diet will prevent osteoporosis, boost your immune system, and strengthen hair. Broccoli contains multiple vitamins and nutrients that work together to create radiant skin.

It has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C out of all vegetable and fruits - double the amount of oranges! Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production, giving the skin a healthy and youthful complexion. Broccoli is also rich in Vitamin A which helps rejuvenates the skin and Vitamin K that helps maintain skin elasticity. 

You can get a good serve of broccoli in Good Juice.



Pomegranates are an exotic and intriguing fruit, but did you know that indulging in one will help improve memory, lower blood pressure and relieve joint pain. 

Pomegranates are also full of antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage and help stimulate the skin’s healing process. They also contain essential fatty acids that help to strengthen and rebuild the skin’s barrier function and reduce irritation and inflammation, while hydrating the skin.

Indulge in some juicy pomegranate in Bio Juice, Green Juice, Mummy’s Tummy Cream, Mummy Tummy’s Wash, Quench Juice and Smudge Budge.



Pumpkins can be enjoyed all year round and are known to be one of the most versatile vegetables.

Including tasty pumpkin in your diet will boost the immune system, improve vision and promote muscle function.

Pumpkin is also a tasty and powerful treat for our skin, bursting with Vitamin A + C, and powerful antioxidants to help combat anti-ageing agents and other nasties.

The enzymes found in pumpkin are also capable of  smoothing and digesting dead skin cells, and increasing cell turnover, that results in brighter skin.

We use pumpkin in Facial in a Jar and Smudge Budge.



Almonds are one of the most popular nuts and have multiple health benefits. Full of healthy fats, fibre and protein, eating almonds as a healthy snack can help with brain activity, lower blood pressure and reduce hunger.    

Almonds can be used to help the skin in many ways. Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is best known for being an anti-inflammatory that prevents damage, boosts immunity and soothes the skin. 

But did you know mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds? This ingredient is used to mop up excess oils and to regulate and maintain a healthy balance of oil on the skin.

You can find almonds in Pulp Detox, Drench and Berry Buff.


It is so important to feed the outside of your body as much as the inside. And the more we understand the nutritional value of our ‘skin diet’, the more we can help build and maintain our glow. 




P.S. Want to try a delicious new skin diet but not sure where to start? Our Glow Guide will help determine the best products for you.

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