Imagine this - you’ve worked really hard and spent some time establishing and creating a really unique and powerful system… and then in a matter of seconds it’s washed away.


Ok this might be a little dramatic, but this is what happens every morning when you cleanse your face. You wash away your skin’s natural defence system, otherwise known as the acid mantle or microbiome.


The acid mantle is essentially a protective eco-system made up of natural oils, sweat and dead skin cells. As the name suggests, it is slightly more acidic in nature to prevent harmful contaminants (like environmental pollutants) from penetrating and damaging the skin. A healthy acid mantle will also aid nutrient absorption and also help prevent moisture loss.


Microbiome skincare has been having ‘a moment’ in the beauty industry with a lot if buzz around products that use probiotics and prebiotics to support the microbiome (our Good Juice day cream is a good example).


These are great but one of the most powerful things you can do to support the microbiome is use the right cleanser and avoid over cleansing – like cleansing in the morning.


Throughout the night your skin rests and rebuilds the acid mantle with your natural oils and secretions, like sweat. When we cleanse in the morning you can disrupt this natural process which causes the skin to become vulnerable to breakouts, premature ageing and sensitivity.


You may have noticed symptoms of a damaged acid mantle like an uncomfortable tightness after cleansing or consistent skin dryness or flakiness. This means it’s time to review your cleanser and how you cleanse (you can read more cleansing tips in 5 signs you need to change your cleanser)


Skipping the morning cleanse not only saves you time, it saves your face. It may feel unusual at first, but your skin will start to respond positively. Our skin is our largest organ, but it’s also a very clever organ so it only makes sense to work with it rather than against it.


Jo x


The simple steps within the Skin Juice Daily Diet have been developed to work with the skin’s microbiome. If you’re experiencing some of the damage signs, we recommend using the products below for sensitive skin.

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