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Not all face oils are created equal

19 July 2023

At Skin Juice, we created our very first face oil when our range launched back in 1996. Back then, and still to this day, face oils are an integral part of our range and what we advocate as an alternative to using a night cream.

Since then, many companies have followed and created their own face oils to satisfy these oil cravings.

And while it’s great that many more people are embracing oils as part of their skincare routines, oils are better for the skin when they are pure, potent and effective.

Not all oils are created equal. Here are some tips to find the right oil for you:




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Star Quencher's lightweight formula provides a big burst of juicy hydration without the heavy feeling. This means it provides all-day protection while also allowing your skin to breathe.
Perfect for sensitive skin types, this gentle day moisturiser will to help ease irritation, leaving the skin cool and calm.

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Sensitivity explained:

Sensitivity in skin doesn't always present as obviously red, inflamed or irritated skin.

When sensitive skin is balanced, the outer layer of our skin (called the lipid barrier) is intact, and inflammation and irritation should all be under control. If it becomes compromised that's when we notice changes - like redness, tight skin, shiny skin, excess oil or breakouts.

These changes are a consequence of the sensitivity. For example, your skin may have been stripped of its natural protective oils which then in turn causes it to produce more oil and lead to breakouts.

By treating the sensitivity first and working to get the skin balanced your skin function improves and a lot of these other signs such as breakouts start to reduce in appearance as well.

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