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Skin and soul - my most sensitive parts

30 December 2021

Hey there Skin Juicers! So thrilled to be here, chatting all things skin with you all.

It’s the perfect time of year for me to tell you about my long journey into finding the perfect things for my skin because summer was always when I needed it most.

Hot, humid days spent with my cousins at the beach meant my mum was on the hunt for every single bottle of the particular sunscreen we needed. You see, not only were we all Pisces women with the most sensitive of souls, but the nasties in 90s sunscreens meant most brands made us all itchy and then led to sometimes painful eczema breakouts.

Ask me if this sunscreen smelled good. Did we look cute after application? Did it sting our eyes and make us beg not to have SO MUCH of it rubbed onto our faces? I think you can guess: absolutely not, omg no, and yes, please, ME EYES!

So yes, we avoided sunburn - but then what? Winter rolled around and once again, Mum was in a skin routine for me. I grew up in regional NSW, where winter winds bit through your clothes and made skin raw and sore. As far back as I can remember, I would leave my bath or shower to Step 2 of the daily routine which was sorbolene cream from neck to ankle. This was the preventative measure and it worked - some of the time.

As an adult, I look back and think my skin has improved and is less sensitive; that is, until I put something on it that sets it off like something overly perfumed or with some hidden nasty. I still find the weather can set off my skin and during the warmer months, regularly wake with a random spot on my body having been scratched until the skin’s broken while I was asleep.

Discovering Skin Juice happened for me when visiting my local salon, where my friend and facial magician introduced me to the range she loved. She knew I was someone who rarely tried new things on my skin, but promised me the stuff she had would not only make me fall in love with the results but that it also smelled better than anything she’d ever used. I walked out with my first eye serum and haven't looked back.

That was more than two years ago, and now I am a daily lover of Skin Juice. My 4-year-old and my husband have their own Green Juice pots because it’s the magical stuff that fixes all the little concerns they have - and they’re not allowed to touch my stuff!

So this summer, if you need some skin magic in your life - let me tell you: this stuff is beyond compare.

Written by Skin Juice Ambassador, April Hélène-Horton




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Hot showers in Winter can be glorious. But sometimes not so much for our skin. The hot water can leave our skin prone to dryness and sensitivity.
Our Lemon Sorbet Body Wash is creamy, gentle and kind to the skin. Free from PEGs, SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) and other harsh detergents, this wash is designed to be applied to the skin before stepping into the shower, helping to shield the skin from any further dehydration.
It smells deliciously zingy and sweet - like lemon sorbet - but also leaves the skin soft and fresh. It's also a great option for anyone who has eczema or dermatitis.

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Sensitivity explained:

Sensitivity in skin doesn't always present as obviously red, inflamed or irritated skin.

When sensitive skin is balanced, the outer layer of our skin (called the lipid barrier) is intact, and inflammation and irritation should all be under control. If it becomes compromised that's when we notice changes - like redness, tight skin, shiny skin, excess oil or breakouts.

These changes are a consequence of the sensitivity. For example, your skin may have been stripped of its natural protective oils which then in turn causes it to produce more oil and lead to breakouts.

By treating the sensitivity first and working to get the skin balanced your skin function improves and a lot of these other signs such as breakouts start to reduce in appearance as well.

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